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My Diet Chart: High Protein Indian Vegan Diet

Rohit Tripathi



A lot of my Instagram and Facebook followers have been constantly asking me what I eat throughout the day. I eat a very balanced diet throughout the day, and I occasionally keep a track of all my nutrients. I don’t eat a very expensive diet consisting of gourmet foods. I eat whatever is easily available in our sabzi mandi and grocery stores.

The idea behind the diet I eat is to eat foods that I love and something i can follow throughout my life. I have seen people try 100s of different kinds of diets, but they are often unable to stick to them. Any diet which you can not stick to or you are doing it out of desparation is useless.

You need to understand that our mind and body are connected. If the food you are eating is going to make you unhappy, then your body will produce chemicals that are going to have an overall impact on your mood and body. So what we have to do here is eat delicious foods all the time, while keeping junk food at bay.

First of all, you need to learn about me a little bit which will explain the science behind my diet.

  • I am not a professional body-builder.
  • I am not a Gym Trainer.
  • I am not a certified Nutritionist (yet)
  • I have an office, I work 8-9 hours a day.
  • I workout 4-5 times a week for 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • I do a lot of cheat meals.
  • I love Maggi Noodles.
  • And I love eating Golgappe. I can beat you in a competition.

The Indian Vegan Diet

Our desi diet is largely vegan by default. All you have to do is not add desi-ghee into everything like most people do. I have divided this article into 3 pages so that its easier for you to follow. So, let’s see what I eat, how I eat it and when I eat it.

How Many times do I eat in a day?

I eat 5 Times a say including 3 Proper Meals, and 2 Small meals. So here is how my meals are divided.

  • 7 Am – Early Morning meal
  • 8-9 am – Gym
  • 10 Am – Breakfast
  • 1 pm – Lunch
  • 6 pm – Dinner
  • 7 pm – Evening Snacks
  • 11 pm – Sleep (unless there is a cricket match going on)

Why do I eat 5 times a day?
Because, I feel hungry 5 times a day. That’s simple. The principle is, eat when you’re hungry. Don’t starve yourself. But also, don’t overeat. Its very important if you want to stay fit. Our Indian parents or family members tend to over-feed us by saying things like “One more Roti won’t hurt you”. It will hurt you. It will unneccesarily increase your appetitie and eating habits.

Why the hell do I eat my dinner at 6 pm?
Sounds insane? But its not. The idea is that your stomach should be relaxed for 4-5 hours before you go to bed. This will also ensure that all the energy you have is burned off before you go to bed. This is extremely critical if you don’t want to gain fat. If you are skinny and planning to bulk up, then you can eat an additional meal at 8 pm. But that’s it. Its always a bad idea to eat a lot before going to sleep. There are so many researches supporting my claim.

Is Morning the best time to work out?
Yes and No. There are advantages to working out in morning. But that doesn’t mean its the best time. It is the time which is more suitable to me. For you, 7 pm might be a more suitable time. Workout when convenient.

Meal 1 – Early Morning (Before Gym)

When you wake up, you should not overload your bodies by eating a lot of carbohydrates. Its very important this is a small meal and balanced meal and made up of some liquid. Here are some combinations I would suggest. I eat them all in rotation so that I don’t get bored of eating the same thing everyday.

  • Vegan Protein Shake (Soya Milk, Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Peanut Butter & Black Grapes)
  • Brown Bread & Peanut Butter with a small glass of Orange Juice
  • Orange Juice with Dry Fruits
  • Oats Cheela
  • Banana + Protein Shake (Water + protein powder)

Most of the times I end up drinking the protein shake, because its easy to make and delicious. I add orange juice with solid meals, because when we wake up, our body is incredibly de-hydrated. Its important that we hydrate ourselves so that we don’t feel tired or lethargic.

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Rohit has been a Vegan for over 3 years and a vegetarian for life. He loves going to the gym, martial arts and cooking easy vegan recipes. He has a vast knowledge of Veganism and understands how it impacts our health and well-being.

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Animal Rights






How to be a vegan in 2020?
Animals are not products. Life doesn’t have a price.

2020 is the year of veganism! 

More and more people are going vegan, not only by choosing a vegan diet but also by adopting a vegan lifestyle. 

 Vegan fashion, accessories, and beauty products are on high demand because many people are realizing that the cruelty animals face to make us look fancy is not just worth it! 

Posting photographs on social media with your pets with the caption “I love animals” and then having a chicken dinner is not cool! 🙁 

Because the dead-decorated dinner on your table is also an animal and deserves the same love and respect. 

So, if you have taken the best decision of your life to go vegan! 

Then, Kudos to you! : ) 

You have made the best decision for your life, health, and animals who share the lap of mother earth with us. 

Now, as you have taken this decision all you need to learn is how to make this drastic transition as a beginner and live the most out of your new life.

This transition is considered difficult by many but….


 It is not! 

In fact, the good news is that we have laid down this handy beginner’s guide for you! 

All you need to know about going vegan is listed down below! 

But before jumping on what a vegan diet is and what a vegan can eat, let us first understand some basics of veganism. 

Going vegan is the new cool
2020 is the year of Veganism.

What is vegan? 

Vegan is anything that forbids all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, be it in food, clothes, accessories, and entertainment.  

What is the history behind the term ‘vegan’? 

Vegan is a term derived by combining the first and last two letters from ‘vegetarian.’ 

The term vegan was put forward by a small group of vegetarians who excluded themselves from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England in 1944.

They excluded themselves to form the vegan society that chooses not to consume any animal-derived products in addition to forbidding the meat and eggs. 

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

The main difference between vegan versus vegetarian is that a vegetarian will only avoid meat and eggs and can include dairy, honey, and poultry products. 

But a vegan will avoid all the animal-derived products, including honey, dairy, poultry, and eggs. 

What is the difference between Vegan and plant-based? 

It is essential to understand the underlining difference between a vegan and a plant-based diet. It is true that both of them strictly exclude all the animal-based products, but the plant-based diet is much more inflexible when it comes to food.

A plant-based diet is actually what it echos like it is strictly a diet based on what you find in nature. Cooking and baking are okay!

 But there is a big no to the processed food. Which means you can only eat a diet that includes plants. 

No ice-cream, pizzas, alcohol, white flour, etc. 

So, as we have understood the central concept about veganism, now let’s dive in and read about the vegan diet. 

Wondering about how to be a vegan? Well, fear no more here are best plant based alternatives for animal based products.
Veganism is all about choosing a healthy lifestyle.

What is a vegan diet? A guide on foods and substitutes. 

We get it! 

It is overwhelming and, at the same time, very confusing for the beginners to know what they can and can’t eat as a vegan. 

The most common question that beginners ask is, 

What is vegan food? 

What do vegans eat? 

Well, well, well!! 

It looks like vegan diet is the easy peasy thing in the whole universe that you can follow. In many studies, the vegan diet has been proved to be the most healthiest diet for humans.  

And from the past three years, it has become cheap and easy to buy vegan food. 

What vegans can eat? 

You can make your Sunday morning pancakes and late-night binge-watching dinners from anything that comes directly from plants and do not come through/ with/from the help of animals. 

You can always have seeds, grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. 

And just to tickle your taste buds, you can always have vegan junk food like ice cream, vegan cake, vegan butter, vegan beverages…. Etc. 

What vegans can’t eat, and what are their substitutes? 

  1. Vegans can’t eat meat, but instead, they can eat coconut bacon, tofu, lentil, and other options available in vegan meats. 
  2. Vegans can’t consume dairy products because they are made from the breast milk of animals; instead, it can be substituted with Cashew cheese, nut milk, soya milk, coconut whipped cream, and other options available in vegan dairy products. 
  3. Vegans also can’t eat honey because it is bee vomit ( ugh eww, right?) you can replace honey with date syrup, maple syrup, etc. 
  4. Vegans can’t eat eggs in any form, but instead, they can eat flax seeds, chickpea flour scrambled eggs, etc. 
  5. Other than this, our food industry uses many products that are animal-derived; therefore, always check the ingredients list, or the best option is to opt for stuff that has the official vegan logo embossed on it. 

Now, as we have talked about the food, let’s talk about how we can make the transition process smooth. 

3 Tips to make vegan transition easier

  1. Don’t rush the process: Many people quit being vegan because, initially, they just run the process. Firstly, you can start cutting back the cow’s milk with almond milk or soya milk or any other plant-derived milk options. Then you can begin replacing the meat in a hamburger with make meat; there are many vegan brands in the market. 
  2.  Always remember why you started: This happens a lot of time that you forget why did you take this decision in the first place. Just as a reminder you must watch all the documentaries on veganism, or must follow a social media page that supports veganism, 
  3. Don’t be hard on you: Okay, let’s face this we all grow up eating dairy and meat, it will take time to eliminate all the non-vegan food from our life. Forcing it won’t help; instead, you will end up eating an entire cheesecake or a cheese burst pizza and then will return to your melancholic mood. 

Now, you know everything about being a vegan. If you have any questions about it, leave it in the comment section below! 

Opinions are welcomed, too, we would love to hear your beautiful thoughts! 

Have a marvelous vegan journey!  <3

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