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I have been a lifelong Vegetarian. In 2015, when i started going to the gym i was shocked at the amount of mis-information available and how trainers misguide everyone. I was tired of hearing that Vegetarians can’t build muscle as easily as meat-eaters. It took me a year to prove them wrong when I bulked up as a Vegetarian. But, then I came to know that being Vegetarian is just as horrible. One of my friends told me about the cruelty that happens in the dairy industry. Initially I ignored whatever he said. It was difficult for me to understand that milk is just as cruel as a dead animal.

But as time progressed, and more information became available to me, I understood that my friend was right. He had been right all along. Milk and Dairy Products are worse. I stopped consumption almost immediately.

I have been happier, healthier and stronger ever since.


I am a Full Time Vegan. I go to gym regularly. I train for Mixed Martial Arts. I enjoy my food more than ever before. I love travelling as a Vegan.

plant based rohit

A Picture from my Holiday to Bali

My goal with this website is to make more people aware about the cruelty in the Meat and Milk Industry, and how being a Vegan is good for our health and the planet.

– Plant Based Rohit

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